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Corporate Litigation

Disagreements and disputes cannot always be settled amicably and legal intervention is sometimes inevitable. Our aim is to make the whole process as stress free and undramatic as possible.

In all areas of court work we will advise at the outset the realistic chances of success and the likely cost of whatever you are trying to achieve, helping you to make informed decisions.

We focus on finding solutions rather than simply identifying problems.

If you decide to go ahead we will act quickly and with the minimum of fuss, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Business acquisitions can be tricky and complex procedures. Our team of qualified and experienced solicitors is well equipped to ensure that your acquisition goes smoothly, both legally and financially.

We provide both practical and specialist support and advice on corporate recovery and insolvency. Our team of specialists has a wide and deep knowledge of the complex and changing practice of corporate recovery. We provide advice for directors of insolvent companies as well as creditors.

We provide advice and guidance at all levels and stages of corporate dispute. Our experienced team can provide companies, directors, shareholders and investors with sound and reliable legal advice and guidance for resolving corporate and boardroom disputes.

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