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We fully appreciate the peace of mind that comes from finding a trusted adviser you can turn to when you need advice on personal legal and financial matters.

Someone who knows and understands your individual circumstances and aspirations, and whose advice you value.

For us, knowledge of the law is a given; we deliver advice and offer practical solutions based on our extensive experience. Time and time again, our clients come back to us and for many we deal with not only their affairs, but also those of their family, often advising many generations of the same family.

Having in place, and regularly updating, a will is important for all of us. It enables your assets to pass to those you wish to benefit on death, reducing the risks of the estate passing to others.

Powers of Attorney allow another to manage our affairs on our behalf. They can range from a simple power to allow someone to sign a document for us during a temporary absence or indisposition to a Continuing and Welfare Power of Attorney which allows the attorney to act for us even after the loss of legal capacity.

Trusts can play a part in tax and succession planning. However they are not exclusively the provenance of the wealthy. Most of us have, or should have, Life Assurance and Death in Service Benefits which can (and should often) be written in trust to avoid unexpected consequences.

Uses of Trusts include mitigating Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax or providing funds for people where it would not be suitable for them to hold the funds outright, such as due to age, mental incapacity, potential divorce or insolvency. We can advise on the use and creation of trusts and also handle their administration.

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